What still needs to be translated on Nintendo systems?


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It seems that most of the big RPGs for SNES have either already been translated or have projects underway. Are there still any really great games on Nintendo systems that are in need of translation?
I'm not sure if it was released outside of Japan, not if anyones made a translation patch for it yet... but what about The Firemen? It's a fantastic little squirt 'em up but I've found it hard to follow the story line sometimes due to the Japanese dialogue...
Ok, The Firemen wasn't released in the US, but it was released in Europe, so it doesn't need translating. How about the following games though, they are definately Japan-only:

Front Mission 2
Fire Emblem
Tactics Ogre

Out of the above, I would rather see Tactics Ogre more then the other two. Who knows, maybe there already is a patch for it, don't really follow them.

FM2 already has a patch out, Fire Emblem, i cant remember, check donut.parodius.com Tactics Ogre....heh this game has some evil compression, many have tried, all have failed...miserably ;) There's been about as many fake patches of Tactics Ogre as there have been fake n64 emulators.
Damnit, how come all the games I would like to see translated the most have some kind of compression or encryption in them? :)

I checked that site for Fire Emblem patches. 3 has one 'In Progress' with nothing released yet and a 'Dead' patch. 4 has an 'Incomplete Patch'.

how about a translation of something like...
any of the Fire Emblem games
Thracia 776 looks like the best Fire Emblem game
7th Saga 2
Treasure Hunter G
Live A Live
Rudra no Hihou
Paladin's Quest 2
Hanjuku Hero

im sure there are tons more...i cant think right now
Should I update the translations pages with new translations ? and also host files ?