What to do with an .SFV file?

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go to hell. find something better to do with your time than flame me. i am trying to figure out how to burn games just like everybody else.
And I'm trying to help you help yourself. If you'd bothered to try it out, you would have discovered that the third hit held the answer to your question. But hey, if you're not prepared to put an effort into it don't expect anyone to go through the effort to help you either.
The .SFV file is just a text file containing the CRC for each of the compressed files you've downloaded. It serves as both a check list and verification for the files you've downloaded against corruption. Get yourself Win-SFV from the Miscellaneous section to get started on using SFV. You'll come to realize that if used correctly, SFV files are very useful.
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as winrar tests the crcs when you extract the files what's the point of a sfv file?

that seems to propogate the idea of dwnlding this shit just for the sake of being able to say "i've got more iso's than you nyanyanyanya" as opposed to the d/l it, burn it, play it, enjoy it mentality.

i guess it's good for the site owners as it enables them to see if an u/l's good at a glance but i see no purpose for it on the user side
under certain conditions you might be unable to find which one of the files is wrong, its useful if someone hasnt compressed the mp3's as well

and if you want to verify how many files there should be, or check an incompleted set

plus as youve noticed, its useful for the ftp hosts since they can check alot quicker

it also allows you to see if the host's ftp contains a dammaged file, since the sfv is normally generated by that, and will tell you if its the same file as the one on the ftp (corrupted or otherwise) thats useful because it saves trying to download a dammaged file more than once to find it still doesnt work