What type of switches for megadrive mods

I have decided to go with the ultra miniature toggle switches from Maplin, but am unsure what type is required.

SPDT or DPDT or SPST (think third one is this)

anyway there are three to choos from.

The switch will be an ON:ON switch right?

Please help me

SPDT will do. single pole means there's only one row of contacts (which is all you need) and double throw means it only has 2 positions (on/off or on/on, either works).
Need some desperate help on this subject, have been looking around for some helpful info but can't find one that says the same.

I have a UK (PAL) Mega Drive 1 (V 1.6)

Would like to mod it by installing the stated 2 switches.

The info I have obtained both contridct each other. Ones says that you should use a SPST while one says you should insted use a DPDT.

My Mega Drive 1 have JP1, 2, 3 & 4 with a capacator on JP1.

From the diagrams I could find they show on three 3 connected to each switch. If that is the case then if you were to use a DPDT swith, it has 6 legs at the bottom (so how do you use it)

Could someone please help me out sort this problem out.

If someone could get me a proper diagram and instructions for this type of MD then I will be very grateful.

to use the dpdt switch you just use 3 pins down one side. Its like two spdt switches bolted together so when you throw one you throw the other one. This means that if you use one you are only using half the switch so you might as well get the cheaper one and save yourself enough to get a nice chocolate bar