Whatcha get for X-mas?

Jaded God

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What did you guys all get for christmas? I got...

Chrono Trigger long lost SNES cart I have been missing, GTA Vice City, Kingdom Hearts, a new PS2, Neo Geo Pocket, Metal Slug 1st Mission for it, another DC VMU, another DC Controller, Memory card for PS2, some blacklights, a new tv from my gf, a lot of useless candy, and another Snes controller... That's about it.

What about you guys?
Take a look at Curtis' post below and you'll find out
Pioneer A-104 DVD-R/RW burner (

2 new laptop batteries

some form of a remote controlled helicopter/ufo

and the universal gift of money

Radion 9000 Pro

ATI TV wonder

Back to the Future Trilogy DVD

Pearl Jam- Jones Beach, NY

Star Wars Calendar


Money (which I'm using to buy 18 saturn games)
I got DVDs of Monsters, Inc. and (wohoo!) The Muppet Show... a few Get Fuzzy books (hilarious cartoon about a guy and his cat and dog)... a shaving mirror for the shower, a mini-vac for the computer and stuff... hmm, I actually didn't get any music but that's OK
lots of candy, er... gosh, my memory needs an upgrade
.... two beautiful Thomas Kinkade paintings (I love lighthouses!!!!!!!) ...

And a white Christmas
The week had been green and boring right until the 24th, but the morning of the 25th was BEAUTIFUL...

And to top it all off, my parents sent me a generous amount of money (they live in Germany, I in the States) and I bought myself a cool TURNTABLE plus a new cartridge/stylus so I can transfer my old vinyls to CD in the highest possible quality. Ahh, it's good to be retro.