Whats another program to rip cds?


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Cdrwin always is giving me problems. i have a bunch of games i need to rip but can't. What is the next best program to rip. I looked on the misc section but it doesn't go into to much detail on different ripping ways. Thanks.
if i asked you where its possible to download, would that be requesting? Notice i havn't asked yet. After all, its for the good of sega Xtreme!!! :agree
Holy shit dude, don't you know Google?

(not meaning to be rude, but it gets on my NERVES when people can't find something without someone else spoon-feeding them, when the internet is FULL of readily accessible tools for finding information. Jeezus, my 7 years old sister can use search engines already - with my incentive, of course
Originally posted by M3d10n@May 22, 2003 @ 07:54 PM

Get Alcohol 120%. I just love it for making my BIN+CUE rips.

DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT use Alcohol 120% to rip Sega games. I did some testing with Sega CD games and found that Alcohol improperly indexed the audio tracks, so when you skipped to a track, you would be part way into the track instead of at the beginning.

I don't have any Saturn games to test this, but I would guess that the same thing would happen due to the similar nature of the discs.

If you need another bin/cue ripping program, go with Blindread (part of the Blindwrite suite, www.blindwrite.com I believe). Blindread is the only program I have found, other than CDRWin which reliably perfect backup images. As for making a new disc, I use CDRWin to burn all bin/cue's because it's the only program I have found to work reliably in that situation. Blindwrite will not make a working copy from a Blindread image.

If you don't need a bin/cue image specifically, you can also use newer versions of Nero Burning Rom (www.nero.com).
There's one more alternative.
And that's CloneCD.

See, when you make a CloneCD rip with the "option to create a cue sheet" turned on, you'll get four files: .ccd .sub .img and .cue.

You can delete the .ccd and .sub, and the remaining .img and .cue will be nothing but a simple bin/cue image (in raw mode). This is true as long as the disc that was ripped is a single-session one.
I'm not convinced CloneCD is appropriate for Sega CD / Saturn games, or even bin/cue's in general.

The last time I did a series of ripping tests, CloneCD stuck an extra sector in the binary (.img) somewhere, and I think the rest of the sectors in the bin were then offset by one spot. I don't remember this happening in previous tests I did with other titles, so it makes me wonder what's happening there. It could just be a fluke in this most recent case.

CloneCD also seems to do a half assed job with cuesheets in general. While every other bin/cue ripper I can think of right now marks a new track with both "index 00" and "index 01" lines, CloneCD skips the "index 00" line altogether. I seem to remember having problems loading the cuesheet into a burning program, but I can't say for sure right now. While I don't think this is technically correct, I would rather use something that I know is reliable.

So right now, I'm not going to say CloneCD does or does not work well for what you want to do, I would suggest exploring other options first.

btw, why can't you use CDRWin?