Whats in your saturn?


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For my Hitachi Saturn, I think I had a VCD movie in there last. As for my modded U.S. Saturn, also a VCD
. Here's why</span>.


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My Saturn has been gathering dust as of late while my Dreamcast is getting a big-time workout. I can't help it - I mean, what do you do if you're currently addicted to one particular game and can't even imagine playing anything else until you've beaten it completely?

And that game just happens to be a DC one: Vanishing Point. Most damned awesome racer I ever played... since Tokyo Extreme Racer 2...

But I think when I go back to the Saturn I'll blow me up some good ol' Layer Section II badguys.
Nothing right now, i don't actually have enough time to play a "big" game, so i have to stick with fighting or racing games, because they don't have that much of a "compromise" like a RPG game. Right now, i'm considering in playing some racing games, like Wangai Dead Heat or Syutokoh Battle Drift King 97. Great games...