Whats your Dream Car?

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ack.....that's pretty ugly I think. and ya, you can rip the doors off of a cherokee but u can w/ any car...as for the windows and shit....you could rip em out liek any car but I think u are talkin about the wrangler.....either way they are weak pieces. a big truck can do 100x more than one of those. either that or a rally car like the WRX.....only thing the wranglers are good for is rock climbing...


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um no charokee's are the cars you use for offroading etc. Little square cars you can take of the doors and roof and windows n shit. I like em.

Are you thinking of the Wrangler? As far as I know, the Cherokee is a Ford Explorer-like vehicle and the windows and doors don't aren't removable. [/b][/quote]

That's what I thought.

Here's a 95 Cherokee.


As for the video game thing, are there any games with an Acura NSX? Probably in Need for Speed, but I can't quite remember. I know back in 1993, Spectrum Holobyte produced a game called 'Stunt Driver' whose main car was a '66 Shelby Mustang. (I bought the game for that reason... very fun game). The game could run on a 8086/8088...

I don't think there are any games where you can drive a Delorean. At least, I haven't really bothered with the BttF games, they irk me.
The NSX is a cloice in Gran Tourism and Gran Tourismo 2, I know. I think the Delorean might be in Need For Speed "The Untouchables". Not sure on that though.
Originally posted by falstaff@Feb 10 2003, 10:32 AM

Has anyone else noticed that the majority of the cars mentioned here are from video games? :auto

Ever wonder why they were put into the videogames

And as far as the Jeep...Gallstaff i hope you mean a wrangler, cause if you actually ment cherokee that would be a hell of a waste to chop it all up.
No falstaff, a "A-Class" is a MErcedes car

Only one thing: Mercedes cars have the battery in very strange places. Look under copilot's or back chairs before in the engine, sure it's there (I think is under copilot's in A-Class, once be have problems with it it take us about 20 minutes to find it).