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Whats your favorite Freeware Programs?

Discussion in 'General' started by IceDigger, Jan 8, 2003.

  1. IceDigger

    IceDigger Founder Staff Member

    1st Page 2000



    The Gimp
  2. Nadius

    Nadius Member


    Winamp 2.x


  3. MasterAkumaMatata

    MasterAkumaMatata Staff Member


    [*]Final Burn / Final Burn Alpha



    [*]... and umm... Windows? [​IMG]
  4. cww80

    cww80 New Member



    Winamp (2.80 & Below)

    Star Downloader

    Ad Aware
  5. Link Hylia

    Link Hylia New Member

    Ad Aware

    Winamp 2.81

    Pop Up Killer

    Kazaa Lite

  6. racketboy

    racketboy Member


    Kazaa Lite

    Ad Aware

    ACDSee '95 Beta (old version)


    Smart FTP

  7. segasonic

    segasonic New Member

    Ultimate Zip


    CD Record

    Pop-up Stopper


    Direct Connect
  8. alpharogue

    alpharogue New Member



    Kazaa Lite

  9. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    crap! I forgot about MAME and Mozilla.

    Actually I use Phoenix -- a nice stripped down version of Mozilla
  10. IUG

    IUG New Member

    Mac OS X.2 (if you are an educator, or your mom is)


    All of the emus

    Transmit (if you don't register)

    AOL Instant Messanger

    DVD Player

    ...oh, the only Mac person on this site just had to chime in his 2 cents. [​IMG]
  11. Taelon

    Taelon Member

    - Classic Media Player (WMP6.4 replacement)

    - Winamp Lite 2.81, with MIDI plug-in separately installed (it was missing from the Lite install)

    - Mozilla 1.2.1

    - Clickomania! (very cool desktop game)

    - Microsoft Photo Editor 3.01 (part of Office)

    - Ad-Aware

    - Mailwasher (preview, bounce and delete email without downloading)

    - Nero, CDRWin and CloneCD (sshhh.....)

    - DC++ 0.22

    - Trillian 0.74b

    - WinUAE (Amiga emu) and VICE (C64 emu)

    - Microsoft System Information

    - scanregw, regsvr32 and winipcfg :[​IMG]:

    - OnTrack Powerdesk 5 (free version)

    - WinRAR 3.00 (trial version - I never cracked/regged it, and it still fully works after expiring. Kinda cool. Heh.)

    - FileMon (shows all filesystem accesses in realtime - VERY useful if an app complains and you need to track down what it's trying to find that it doesn't)

    - ModPlug player

    - Eudora 3.01 (very old, but runs nicely from whichever directory it's in without registry entries, superfast, no spyware/ads like newer free versions, and is perfect for my wife who just needs a simple email program separate from Mozilla's mail/news)

    - Sygate Personal Firewall 5.0

    - SmartFTP

    - N-Koder 2.0 (LAME-based MP3 batch encoder - extremely simple and invaluable)

    - TMPEGENC (once helped me fix MPEG movies that were OK but not accepted by Media Player)

    - MaxMem and CacheBooster, both by AnalogX

    - Various small utilities, such as Whitsoft File Splitter, 3dfx Tools (heh), etc.....

    Wow. Come to think of it - other than my CD burning apps and WinRAR, I really don't have any pirated software on my computer. Some of it was downloaded and paid for to register it, some of it was commercially bought (Sound Forge XP comes to mind), but indeed, most of what I use daily is free.


    One ought to be damned grateful for that. For all of us, there are people out there writing great software for nothing but a little recognition. To all of you - the Mozilla team, the DC++ guy and everyone - HAT OFF! I appreciate what you've done, and love using it!

  12. Taelon

    Taelon Member


    I forgot WinMX.

    And I know I'll think of one more, yet...
  13. Zziggy00

    Zziggy00 New Member



    Winamp 2.81

    WinRAR (not really freeware, but shareware)

  14. Curtis

    Curtis Member

    Winamp 2.8x

    WMP 6.4 (thank god they included it with XP Pro [​IMG] )

    Internet Explorer 6 - don't bash MS, it does a great job.


    Irfanview - best freeware Image view...evar! [​IMG]


    I'm surprised your new pet, Coranto, isn't up there in your list Iceman [​IMG]
  15. Taelon

    Taelon Member

    Tried Irfanview. It's impressive [​IMG] but it just wasn't for me. I wanted my good old MS Photo Editor 3.01 back after reinstalling Windows, and boy, did I have to mess with it to make it run again.

    You see, Photo Editor is VERY quick, VERY simple, and opens multiple images at once. Irfanview does one at a time... which irritates me.

    BTW, in my list, I forgot ISOBuster. Most damned useful tool I've ever had for iso/wav or plain audio ripping, not to mention fixing ISO files - which also reminds me to mention CDmage. *grin*
  16. scorch56

    scorch56 New Member

    Irfanview is MOST definitely at the top of the list.. I've been using it for five years; and BTW Taelon.. you can open as many "instances" of it as you like!

    Girder.. 2nd (if it wasn't for Girder.. I wouldn't have a remote for my ATI AIW)

    Proximitron.. 3rd (Best d*mn free pop-up remover)

    RegionKiller 2.. #4 (Kills region checking for DVD playback)

    Lastly.. Ad-Aware.. so I can use all this "free" sh*t safely
  17. racketboy

    racketboy Member

    I don't use Irfanview for editing (or even viewing) much

    I use it mostly for scanning.

    For light editing I'll use it, but it's off to Photoshop for the heavy stuff.

    Viewing, as I mentioned before, I use an old beta version of ACDSee (free, fast and without extra crap)
  18. Taelon

    Taelon Member

    I use MS Photo Editor for scanning (or grabbing stills from my webcam) as well. As for opening multiple instances of Irfanview, sure I could - but I'd have my taskbar full of Irfanview buttons and I'd still have to switch between them all to get at each image [​IMG] No...it's gotta be true multiple-window (image) support within ONE program for me.

    Proxomitron? Heard very good things about it, still, if one uses Mozilla, one does not need Prox. [​IMG]

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