What's your favorite game?

What's your favorite game?

Thought it would be cool to see what everyones favorite games are......


I would have to say Final Fantasy 9 was my favorite on PSX


And Shining Force II for Sega Genesis
What's your favorite game?

Shenmue on Dreamcast, Ecco The Dolphin on Dreamcast and Lunar The Eternal Blue on SEGA CD.

Also, Thexder is one of my favourites.
What's your favorite game?

New: None, I dislike everything released in the last 3 years

Old: Too many to decide. Maybe 7800 Dark Chambers, Space Invaders, or Ninja Ryukenden
What's your favorite game?


Final Fantasy IV on SNES


Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy IX

Parasite Eve

Brave fence Musashi

I could go on and on with this. I'll just leave it at that.
What's your favorite game?

My favorite would be:

The Capcom vs. Series (X-men vs. Street fighter, Marvel vs. Capcom, etc...)

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the arcade game

X-men the arcade game
What's your favorite game?

Final Fantasy 3 (AKA FF6) for SNES is my all-time favorite game. Nothing can beat it. I wish my dad didn't pull the one I rented from Wherehouse out of my SNES while I was playing it because I hadn't returned it in 3 months. Ah, the good ol' days of going to the coliseum to see what new items I could come up with.....
What's your favorite game?

cloud, I have a Q for ya. Do Squaresoft fanboys like anything with that name and hate everything that doesn't? I admit squaresoft makes sum good games. but a lot of what they make is shit, like FF8.
What's your favorite game?

Depends what you mean by "new" and "old". Ill just list my favorites from some of the different systems I have played:

NES - Battletoads/Contra

SNES - Final Fantasy 3

Genesis - Sonic 1/2/3

Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Saga

PSX - Final Fantasy 7

N64 - Goldeneye

Dreamcast - Grandia 2



Xbox - Halo
What's your favorite game?

Originally posted by BJammzz@July 16 2002, 8:42 pm

cloud, I have a Q for ya. Do Squaresoft fanboys like anything with that name and hate everything that doesn't? I admit squaresoft makes sum good games. but a lot of what they make is shit, like FF8.

Nah! I'm a die-hard VF fan (My goal is to own EVERY US VF Ever (I just need VF3 and VF4)). I love MGS. Resident Evil. Street Fighter. Sega's 2K games. Dead or Alive games. I'll admit, half of my PSX collection is Square games (I got eight PSX Square games). And half my PS2 games are Square (Final Fantasy X). I love collectiing Demo Discs as well.
What's your favorite game?

Ya know, back in the day, when FF8 first came out, I passed it up. I had several reasons. I fell in love with FF7's Materia system because it offered so much customization for your characters. There were no longer any pre-determined classes (Ex. You're a Summoner, you're a Healer, etc.) FF8 threw out Materia and we got....junctioning....Anyway, I didn't really think Square could outdo FF7 in gameplay or story. Now, I just recently bought FF8 since it's only $20, and I realized that it isn't the crap which I thought it was, at first. Granted, it's no FF7, but junctioning still allows for a good deal of customization of characters. The CGs (I've heard complaints about the excessive number of them which I don't mind) flow beautifully straight to in-game graphics. I really appreciate the effot put into that. The story so far (I'm only at the beginning of the third disc) is nothing spectacular, but I have seen worse. I don't understand why FF8 was railed on so much other than the fact that it had FF7 as a prequel, but is every sequel always better than the last installment? No, and this one wasn't horrible.

Anyway, back to, I suppose, the original topic here....Xenogears, man....Greatest video game story I have ever seen....Final Fantasy Tactics comes in at second for storyline, but whips all over Xenogears gameplay.
What's your favorite game?

too many games that i like so i can't list them all here cuz i will forget some anyway
What's your favorite game?

Way too many games to think of. The game of the moment is Umihara Kawase for the SNES, the coolest fishing/action game ever.
What's your favorite game?

Old school:

Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Cloudy Mountain INTV

Adventure Ataru 2600

Q*bert VCS/Arcade

Moonpatrol VCS

TimePilot Arcade


Snatcher (SCD/PCE/MSX)

Lunar 1, and 2 (SCD)

Monkey Island I, II, III & IV (SCD/PC)


Castlevania: Nocture on the moonlight (Sat/PSX)

Metal Gear Solid 1 & 2


What's your favorite game?


SMS - Lord of the sword

GB - Castlevania Adventure

GG - Shining Force Gaiden 3: The Final Conflict

NES - Faxanadu

TG - R-Type I & II

PC - Ultima Underworld


MD - Shining Force 2 & Sonic and Knuckles(lock on Sonic 3)

SNES - Super Probotector & Super Mario World

Neo Geo - Samurai Showdown

Jaguar(we all know it had 16-bit core) - Alien VS Predator

16-Bit (CD based):

Mega CD - Dracula Unleashed & Lunar 2: Eternal blue

Turbo Duo/PCE - Emerald Dragon & Ys books 1 and 2

Neo Geo CD - Samurai Spirits RPG


32X - Knuckles Chaootix & Dracula V: Rondo of Blood(never released, great screens though)

3DO - Myst & D

Saturn - Panzer Dragoon Saga & Shining The Holy Ark

PSX - Suikoden 1, 2 & Beyond the Beyond

Amiga CD 32 - Banshee & Zool

Game Boy Advance - Golden Sun 1, 2 & Castlevania: Concerto of Midnight Sun

- Castlevania: Symphony of the Night


N64: The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of the Time & Turok


Dreamcast - Skies of Arcadia & Sonic Adventure 1 and 2

PS2 - Shinobi & VF4

GC - Resident Evil(in general) & Virtua Fighter Quest

X-Box - Panzer Dragoon Orta & Shenmue 2