Whatz Up Everyone!


Ya'll might not remember me since my name changed (NuGoHs2). I haven't been here for some time now (I think like a year or so). Just glade to see everyone is still kicking. IceMan2k is still going at it I see :) Well I'm back now & just got my cable connection. I will be setting up an FTP server soon. Sharing files that I never chould before, because of my crappy 56k (Don't get me wrong 56k'er, I had great times with my 56k). Be on the look out for it in the FTP section. Time to whip out my SCDs & SSCDs it's no telling what I chould find. Later everyone :)

It's great to be back. I enjoy hanging around here reading posts. They trip me out most of the time. FTP is ready but haven't put my games up yet :)