Where are you located in the world


One quarter Cherokee, plus a little Sioux and Blackfoot. Now get off my land, fork-tongued cracker!
Lancaster, Ohio. I don't give a #### if anyone gives a fuck enough to track me down, and you guys really shouldn't either.
Albacete (from the Arab "Al-basit") on Spain.

Eeeeespaaañaaaa, qué lejos te veo

Eeeeespaaañaaaa, qué lejos te siento...

You know... flamenco and all of that stuff...
Sheffield, England, UK

It is currently 4:15am, I just got in and I am pissed out of my skull. At least I'm kinda happy for once tho :)
Newcastle upon Tyne, England.

It's a nice enough place to live, though after 24 years I'm a little sick of it and could do with a change of scenery.

Hey Segasonic, a South Yorkshire bum here too. Though I bet Doncaster's worse than Sheffield. I used to live in Leeds and Manchester, now I'm in the heroin capital of Europe. Life's a bitch
Viva South Yorkshire!

Doncaster is a nice day out for me, and Leeds is excellent for an all-day beer session.

Not too keen on Manchester though. War of the roses and all that... :biggrin:

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When you're s bored with life as I am ANYWHERE is a nice day out ;)

It makes a change to see and do nowt in Donny from doing it in Sheffield...