where i can find turbo cd games

well i just want to know if theres a page that have games for the turbo cd or some FTP's

i know i cant ask about this (or i can) but well i just want help, because im planning to buy one but if cant have various games ...what is the porpuse of having a turbo duo, right

so if someone want to help this poor guy that only wants to experiment the fantastic world of nec i'll be very grateful, really
Run by elitist goons (possibly :
: ), but try RIGG.
Yea if you can't get CDRwin to work Rigg won't be much of help anyway.

You'll have a hard time finding pages ro FTP servers for Turbo games as not to many have them and a lot of them aren't good rips and their a good chance they might not work on your system anyway.