Where to get a broadband modem?

Ebay, and that's it. Sega doesn't make them anymore, and made very few when they did.

Unless you get lucky and find one used at an EB or Funco (not unheard of, believe it or not).

If you see something like it at an import .com, and it's cheaper than $100, it's probably the LAN adapter, which doesn't work with any games, but still works with the internet, development stuff, and other, more illicit programs.

And to be honest, it's probably not worth it if you aren't programming anything for the DC. It works with like six whole games.
I was wondering, do any of you guys know if seganet is dead? ie, is it even worth buying a bb adapter for dc, or is it a useless collectors item, I thought that you could use it to connect directly to another dc via ip address am I right in thinking this?
Regardless of the functionality of Seganet, the LAN adaptor is still very useful as a development tool - you can even use it to stream MP3's off a local server with the right application.
Is seganet unavailable? I haven't used my BB adapter in sometime and wanted to get back into PSO. Is PSO v.1 still free? Or how about the other BB games?

any online connection through the dreamcast is a damn waste of time who wants to play quake 3 or unreal tournament on there dc. quake 3 is just a bad conversion the multiplayer mode is shocking and unreal tournament well slowdowns all over. the web browswer i would not even waste my time with and as far as development for the broadband adapter nu uh aint gonna happen. with some simple reasons there is very few broadband adpaters around and the quake and doom conversions will never have netplay.

ive tried q3 an UT on dc online, not even worth the time even if you have the keyboard+mouse

imo dont bother with bb adapter jus get a lan adapter