which 3do system is the best

if theres any diference please let me know

ive been looking on ebay and ive found 2 versions so far a goldstar and a fz1 or something like that

the 3do is the next game sytem on my list so im trying to lock my crosshairs on to one
I personally love my Sanyo the best of all the 3DO systems made, but if youre not looking to spend alot of money get a goldstar as its got the mpeg board, the fz-1 does also, but its very rare. Sanyo didnt make one at all and neither did panasonic for the FZ-10 model....all of them play cdrs....the fz-1 unit does NOT have a way to get rid of Backup saved games without an extra cd that allows the system to do so....the other systems have built in menus....all of the systems are built with front loading trays, but the FZ-10 does not , its a POP top like the saturn unit....hope this helps.
My personal favourite is the Panasonic FZ-1, although the lack of memory manager that FAKK2 mentioned is a pain in the arse. I had a Goldstar one, but I thought the build quality was poor compared to the Panasonic, the Goldstar one feels cheap and plasticy.
hmm looking at pics i was gonna get the fz1 especialy since it was panasonic

and i agree the goldstar did look cheasy

i definatly didnt like the fz 10 but know i know i definatly wont get it casue i want to have the mpeg board in it

about the fz1 do you need a special disk for the memory manager or can you use another game to manage it

like i the ps1 i use wild arms to manage the memory cause i cant read the card in the psx menu

id rather get the fz1 but id rather have a memory manager and dont raly want the goldstar one

another question -- all the games can be played on all the systems right -- there arent any that a specific to one version right?
nope all 3dos play the same....only really nice thing about the goldstar is the fmv cart is much easier to find for it than the fz-1, price wise, the fmv cart for the goldstar is about 60-80 bucks, the fmv plug in for the fz-1 youll be lucky to get it for under 120 bucks...Yes you can manage the memory with (Certain games that allow it like Casper the Friendly Ghost) But who the hell wants to buy that game for its memory manager? Yuck, the easiest way for a memory manager for the fz-1 is the get the sampler cd #3. Since you want an MPEG card for it, the FZ-10 and Sanyo are outta the picture...you only have Goldstar and FZ-1 left to choose from...so If I were you I would get the Goldstar unit....
fz-1 biznitch. it's very sturdy and well built, plus you can just get a game like casper off ebay for 50 cents. go with the fz-1
"you can just get a game like casper off ebay for 50 cents"

yeah and pay a cool 5 dollars for shipping and handling...hahaha
oh , i didnt realise the fmv board was seperate

that sucks

ok, so how bad does the fmv look with out it and does the board help in the game look itself

also -- do all controlers work on all systems?
without the board its fmv is still better than PSX FMV (Hell the 3DO system costs $700 the PSX was $200) so dont worry, without the fmv board it still looks great!! and with the fmv board ALL FMV looks like VCD on a DVD player... Superb Quality...

and YES all 3DO control Pads work on all 3do systems....
For memory management, I use the Sampler CD that came with the Panasonic 3DO. That works great for me. I notice though that the Sampler CD #4's memory manager sometimes freezes up...I know it's not my 3DO because no other memory manager does that. Rather stranger if you ask me. All that aside, I like the FZ-1. It's just one of the better built 3DO systems.
I'm new to the 3do world and want to ask these few question:

Do all 3do versions (Sanyo, Panasonic, Samsung) play all games released for the 3do?

Or do some games work only on certain machines?

Also 50 bucks for a 3do with one controller and hookups a good price, or too high (considering that it came out at 700 bucks)?
Hi all,

Just want to throw in my opinion and facts on a few things. Of all models to buy i have read alot of stuff on the internet that the Panasonic FZ-1 is the best model, and that the Goldstar is not as reliable. I have owned a Goldstar 3DO and it was very fussy with the types of CDR's you used in it, and the left audio channel would start hissing and then eventually stop playing sound altogether. As for the Panasonic FZ-10 not having a VCD adapter for it, this is not true. I have an FZ-10 with VCD adapter. I bought the VCD adapter for $70AUS on ebay. I didnt know one was released for the FZ-10 until i saw it on Ebay.
I have a FZ-10 that i got off yahoo auctions which is kinda funny the auction was for a FZ-1 which i got but didnt work but i also got the FZ-10 i just said before. so anyways I think the FZ-10 is the best out of all of the 3DO systems Ive played (Goldstar and FZ10) The Goldstar is really picky about cd-rs if you are doing backups and the quality of the Goldstar is a little low to me. So its FZ-10 for me.
Originally posted by IceMan2k@Aug 26, 2002 @ 04:31 PM

It's a game genie + ALOT MORE.  

Has a built in hex editor, need I say more?

Could the Game Guru be extended to support uploading software to the 3DO? Is ti that powerful?
Originally posted by Raster@Aug 31, 2004 @ 04:29 AM

Could the Game Guru be extended to support uploading software to the 3DO? Is ti that powerful?

Why what are you trying to do ?

ah no what it does is erase game saves lets you know how uch space they use and compress them , it will also patch secrets to the games ...like a game shark .

All it is a cd that goes in the drive no external cables or anything .