i say xmen2 has FAR superior graphics, animation, sound EVERYTHING to xmen 1 which totally sucks ass.

acidics reckons xmen2 is grainy and too easy.

what say u?

i dont wanna hear about it being easy im talking graphics.
Several years ago, my friend let me borrow X-Men 2. I was really anxious to play it, as I love my X-Men with the awesome poster. Sadly though, you had to reset a number of times until you got the character you wanted.

I dont remember how far i got, but I remember returning it the next day. Maybe I should give it another shot, but as far as I'm concerned right now, I like X-Men 1 better.

After 2 posts I'm already winning

So as it now stands:

X-men 1 = 2

X-men 2 = 1
I played the first one and I thought it was fairly rubbish. Hun drum action platforming with crap level design.
the second was easier, the first was too hard from what i remember. it's been such a long time since i've played them that i really dont know.
2 was better. It improved on the original, which IMHO was just ho-hum platform action.

Looking back, I prolly liked too a lot more then it deserved cuz it wasn't all that great, still the better of the series.
X-Men 2 in my opinion was lousy, compared to XMen1. I loved and still love XMen1 much more. Graphically XM2 was better, if that's something you care about (I don't). XM1 was/is one of the best adventure/platformer games, by far. The level design I thought was pretty stellar, since there is no 'one way' to get through each level. The helper X-Men was pretty cool, too. XM2 was more of the 'find the switch, run as fast as you can' type. The most important thing was every character was completely different, with different strengths and weaknesses, which sometimes necessitated switching, whereas XM2 reflected nothing of the sort. Also, X-Men 1 focused a great deal more on teamwork in 2 player than XM2 did.

XM-2 was on okay game. It made for some fun, but you can't really compare it to XM-1.
x-men 1 by far is a better game. xmen 2 ONLY wins in the graphics department. i actually got xmen2 for free, but i took it to funcoland. part 1 is just a classic to me.
Pfft Xmen 2 defently wins in this battle, by far to. The first game was so dark looking with horrible music and sound effects, then 2 came along and man that game owned, 2 has my vote