White Japanese Saturns

I currently have a 21 pin model saturn, but I would like to purchase a White Japanese one, since they are really badass. I wanted to know if I could just swap out the mod chip from one to the other. So are there different pin sets for the Japanese ones? Thanks for any help.
It depends on a couple of things.

Assuming that the white Saturn is 21 pin, it would depend on the type of CD board it has and the mod you have.

Some '64 pin' CD boards are incompatable with some modboards. You'd have to try it to see.

If it is '64 pin' and the mod you have doesn't work, mods from Gamegizmo for some reason do work.
Thanks for the info fellas, I guess I'll just have to get one and see how it looks, then go from there. Thanks again for the help.