who knows ho to fix a saturn

so i'm playin SF3 and the words "check cd and pickup lens". i cleaned the lens with alcohol and a cotton swab. was this bad? this is the second saturn that's done this to me and i still have both of them. i would like to fix them if that would possible.
do other games work?

if not, then you prolly used too much fluid or got remains of the cotton swab in there. if you applied too much pressure, it possibly misaligned the lens too.

there's very little you can do to fix that, other than checking for anything stuck in there.
no other games work and it was doing this before i tried to clean it. i'm pretty sure there's nothing down in there because i took it apart to check for that and didn't see anything. if it was just out of line is there any way to fix that?
er.. if all other games work fine, just not SFA3, then it's a prob with the game, not the saturn. if it's scratched, try car polish, if it's a copy, try copying it again.
If the game is scratched and you are afraid to polish it (just do this once per cd, otherwise you'll ruin it), try to copy it (you cab use discjuggler if the other programs refuse to do the copy). I've saved a lot of scratched second hand games doing this.

If no other games work then you should try to increase the laser power, there is a faq of how to do it in the misc. section.
what i meant was that none of the games work. but i went to the faq and did what it said to intensify the laser. now it just says "drive empty" with a game in it. is there any hope for this saturn? any other ideas?
sounds like the lens might be bad. in that case either buy a defective saturn and take the laser unit (careful, tho, there's like 6 or 8 different saturn models internally), or just go for a new saturn.. they're not all that expensive anymore.
Do you have a modhip? Maybe the contacts aren't well solded. Ah, remember to use isopropylic alcohol or destilated water to clean the lens, nothing of that "lens cleaner kit liquid" or crap like that.

Anyway, the lens of all saturn models are same (at least if the region is the same). Or maybe you should try to swap the lens of your discman or stereo (it worked for a while in one SegaCD :) ).
i guess i'll just buy a new one. i don't have any spare parts. both saturns i have the same thing went wrong. i didn't figure i could fix it but i thought it was worth it was worth a shot. thanks for the suggestions anyway.
the lens is not the same, the connectors vary bigtime.. some have a 5 pin connector for power etc, others 6 pin, then there's 20/21 pin of course too, and some other stuff.
Be carefull when you clean the lens with alcohol, I recall that certain types WILL leave a thin film on the lens. If that happened, the film will screw up the reading of any game you put in, if you used the same type of alcohol on both of you saturns you may want to look into this.
from what i have read, it sounds like it's the disc that is broken NOT the saturn!...but if u still want it fixed send em to me...i've chiped and repaired loads of em (i have 4 of my own but only ever use two ( Daytona USA LINK-UP, It did not get to the usa and uk..i got my cables imported....it is sweet) SEND EMAIL!!
I have 3 Saturns, a round button, and 2 ovals.

One laser eye between them. :(

They all work, but,...........

I think I burned out the round button one by playing Blazing Heroes with the console on the carpet. :(

My advice: Buy another Saturn on Ebay. Between shipping both ways, and the repair fee, you'll pay much less. And you'll have a pre-existing parts stockpile.

BONUS: You'll be able to identify the problem with the first Saturn by swapping components. Assuming you get the same model,............
A "ho"?..................................

No, he can't, and you probably couldn't either. I estimate only 1% of the membership would know where to start. Swapping components is one thing, actually repairing a Saturn is a daunting task.

Of course, you may have an official Sega test bench, but the chances of that are about the same that you'll suddenly evolve.

*Ringwraith polymorphs "Fuckstuff" into a considerate person*


Hmm,................didn't work. :(