Why is it so hard.....

Why is it so hard to find roms for sega cd I have looked everywhere for Dark Wizard which is one of my favorite games ever on any system,I am not asking for where are they i am asking whats the reason for them being so hard to find when you can find tons others for other systems.
There are several reasons I can think of:

1) Sega/Mega CD was only moderately successful. It didn't bomb, but it didn't take over the market either.

2) When it was a big deal, there was no economical way to copy games, both due to their size (remember, in 1992-93 you'd be lucky to have a 28.8Kbps modem) and due to the fact that there were no cheap CD burners. By contrast, games for most cartridge-based systems topped out at 6MB, and there was a "copier culture" based on console ROM BBSes that predated widespread consumer access to the Internet, so there were some people out there with huge collections before the Internet "made it big".

3) Real Sega CD emulators only started appearing within the past 9 months or so.

In short, until recently there's been a lack of motivation and/or capability for anyone other than people owning actual Sega CD systems to copy games, and of those people only the ones with broadband connections and CD burners were likely to be the ones doing it. Likewise, it's not particularly easy to find lots of Amiga CD32, 3DO, Jaguar CD, or CD-i games either.
Its hard to understand though,I have played every game system from Atari to XBox and I can say with ease that Sega-CD is one of the best systems out there just because of the games they were great that had more of the games like Doube Switch which I love that I think made it great. The only system that can get close is a tie between Playstation 2 and Super Nintendo. But still its nowhere close to Sega-CD.
well there's also the fact that they get pretty darn big.

I mean, Neo Geo games top out at around 80 mbytes, with most being alot smaller, and actual sites that host them aren't nearly as common as SNES or Genesis sites(used to be REAL hard for me to find).

Now it's not uncommon for a SegaCD iso to be upwards of 250 mbytes(I haven't even checked the size of the 2 disc games).

So the best you can hope for right now is to find a good ftp and pray for it to not be full, as they are both popular and scarce.