Will it be a Boy or Girl?


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You can choose for yourself whether you want a boy or a girl by following the chart. The woman's age from 18 to 45 (Chinese reckoning) is on the top line while the months 1 to 12 indicate the month when the baby is conceived. By following the chart you will be able to tell in advance whether your baby will be a boy or a girl. Thus, you can plan to have a boy or a girl. This chart has been taken from a Royal tomb near Peking, China. The original copy is kept in the Institute of Science of Peking. The accuracy of the chart has been proved by thousands of People and is believed to be 99 percent accurate. By reckoning, you follow a line drawn from the figure representing the woman's age to a line drawn from the month the baby is conceived. For instance, if the woman is 27 years old and her baby is conceived in January (according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar), then her baby will be a girl. The chart is based on the month the baby is conceived and not on the birth of the baby, B-Male, G-Female. Remarks: A Chinese Scientist discovered and drew this chart which was buried in a Royal tomb about 700 years ago.

source: http://www.holodeck.com/pregnancy/chinese-cal.html


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Hmm.. I worked it out for me and my sister and it was wrong both times. Does that mean we're defective?


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My daughter was born May 2000 and her mother was 27 at the time of conception.

[edit] I did a little more research, worked out the date of conception (from expected birth date backwards), converted it to lunar calendar and it seems to line up with the table.