Win2K Question

I don't know of an equivelent, but I surprised it isn't there. I'm sitting at a Win XP machine now and it has msconfig. I'd find it odd that MS would take it out of one release just to include it again in the next release...

I don't mean to sound patronising, but maybe you just need to install it?
See, I thought so too. But, Win2Kpro installs every goddamned thing under the sun so that you never need the CD again. Or so it seems.

But man is that strange. I didn't know XP had it.

Could it just be because one team worked on Win98, another on Win2K, and different one on XP? Who knows.

Winipcfg is not available to Win2K either. That's ok, because ipconfig isn't hard to use.

-EDIT- I modified my search on google (probably could have saved some time) and found that no, msconfig is not available to Win2k - instead I have to use a copy from Win98 or XP. Go figure.
Windows 2000 does not have the MSCONFIG program that was provided with Windows 98.

1) You can try using the older Windows 98 version of MSCONFIG.

Copy the file msconfig.exe from the c:\windows\system folder to the Windows 2000 c:\winnt\system32 folder.

Download the msconfig.exe Windows 98 file (

Click | Start | Run | and type msconfig on the text box and click the OK button to start MSCONFIG

ignore the error messages you get about not finding the following files





Click the startup tab

Check or Uncheck the check boxes of the programs you want to run or not run

2) The web site '' also has a download link for the XP version of MSCONFIG which they say will work with win2000.
My thought exactly... Since Win2K and WinXP are actually versions 5.0 and 5.1 of Windows NT, respectively, the "msconfig" from XP should work flawlessly under 2000... possibly with the exception of a few XP-only options you can't (or shouldn't) change under 2000.

I don't recommend the Win9x "msconfig" at all... Too much is different in the 9x core vs. the NT core, as well as the Registry structure.