Anyone here use or know anyone who uses Windowblinds?

It looks neat but I'm worried it would either mess things up or hog my resources. Just thought I'd see if anyone uses this or any of the other desktop enhancers that Stardock offers.
I've tried it once a couple of years ago. I thought it was neat to make my Windows interface look like Solaris.

If you have a very powerful system with lots of RAM (which a lot of people have nowadays), it shouldn't be a problem with resources.
It looked great but it was one of the most buggiest software programs I'd ever run on my system. It is quite heavy on the memory as Akuma had said.

I'm sure there's been plenty of fixes since then, but I steer away from it.
Has a lot of compatibility problems iwth some programs ;( screws up the interface really bad...... and is quite buggy ;(

it screwed up the display settings so bad on a friend's machine he ended up having reinstall windows ;(
Completely unrelated, but is there a program that allows you to make an 800x600 resolution appear to be 1024x768? Or higher? My laptop's highest res is 800x600, but I really need a lot more space to work.
It's called Linux
you could make as many virtual desktop as you like and flip between them
or have an 800x600 screen but a 1600x1200 desktop by edge filipping.

I know of no windows equivalents for such a feature.
I know of those programs, they make multiple desktops. A particular Norton program did that too which I used w/ Win95, and after a while I really got annoyed with it. I just want one screen.

I'd prefer to use Windows, as all my networking stuff is located there.

I figure this kind of thing doesn't exist for Windows, anyway.