Windows System Properties Logo Question

Ok, here's one for you peeps who know Windows inside out. I've seen, on many manufactured machine, with Windows installed, that there is a logo (usually a manufacturers logo) in the bottom left of the 'System Properties' (you know, right click on my computer).

Now, does anyone know how to get your own logo into that little space?
I don't think it can be done. I heard something about this on techtv and it's a very complexly coded logo because that shows that the software came with that specific computer. I might be confusing this with something else as i watch call for help religously... ;)
I dont think its that hard.. I mean, I've done it once with Win98, but that was like 3 years ago, and I've forgotten how to do it.
Yes I can do it...I can make my OWN OEM branding. (When you do sys properties or so on) It could show my own pic, names, other then the one Compaq gives OEM wise. This is win 98se that I do this on. I think it works for all tho....
I think its just a matter of altering an obscurely named file in the windows/system directory. I just can't remember the name of the thing...

EDIT: I think I have found what you are looking for in the shape of the OEM Logo Manager. It works for me :)

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::Uses X-Setup:: ok whatever lol

X-Setup is GOOD for cpu techies but BAD for can really screw yourself over if you dont know what your doing.