WINDOWS upgrade form 98se to???

ME is win98 with about 2000 new bugs and half the performance at twice the resources.

XP has tons of problems and many can't even get it to install at all.

I recommend win2k, it's stable as a rock and I've never run into any compatibility problems other than with old DOS games (which XP has too).
it eats up tons of resources, it won't even install for many people for absolutely stupid reasons (it wouldn't install on my other PC cause my videocard is not compatible with my MB.. if it wasn't, why the fuck were they running fine for 2 years together?), and it commits suicide rather regulary, not to mention that it is incompatible with ALOT of older drivers/hardware.
Hey just a quick question...

Does anybody EVER remember win 3.1 crashing? I don't...hmmm...stupid Bill Gates.
I run winxp: WinXP Uptime: 2wks 5days 7hrs 50mins 28secs

It doesnt crash that much, and the compatability is better than 2k. It does have install problems for lots of people though, and it doesnt eat that much more resources than 2k. If you have the machine for it, I recommend xp.
With Win3.x, the feared words weren't "(color) Screen of Death), but rather "General Protection Fault". All it takes is one badly-coded app, and the system comes grinding to a halt (not entirely unlike MacOS).
i'm thinking about using winxp cuz of a prob running Return to Wolfenstein Castle multiplayer... Does WinXP have better/worse/same compatibility issues than Win2k?
k. might give winxp a shot, once i get all my stuff backed up that is... Win2K had lots of compatibility problems for games for me...
other than some DOS games, there is not a single game, old or new, that did not work in win2k for me. and all of those that didn't work, don't work in XP either.
dunno about starcraft and quake 2, but the others work fine. soldier of fortune is based on the quake 2 engine, and works fine too, so q2 should.
Yes, Starcraft and Quake 2 do run under xp... those rainbow six, and mechwarrior 4 are the only online games i play.
Okay, i need some help.

I just got myself a hard to find Castlevania Symphony of the Night...for $9.99... I have bleem but haven't used it in a while, now i have xp and i get a

"Bleem!.exe is not valid win32 application"... error

I've tried the compatability mode to no avail, and I've reinstalled about 3 times... someone know if Bleem can run in XP?