Windows xp help with aspi


Mid Boss
I am using XP pro. I do not have any Adaptec SCSI hardware. I tried using forceaspi, no luck. I tried installing the newest version, no luck. I have heard some people suggest installing a "fake" non-PNP SCI host like the 2940. But that is not supported under XP. Has anyone had luck installing ASPI on an XP system w/o SCSI. I don't have a working SCD anymore and want to play my games on an emulator.
Which file did you use? I ran instaspi.bat. I got an error message back stating I did not have compatible hardware. And when I install aspi, only ASPI32.SYS and WNASPI32.DLL install. The program I have is: frcASPI17. I ran forceaspi when i did not have the newer aspi installed. Do I install it first?