Windows98 Script


Mid Boss
Is it possible to make a script for windows98 installs to completely automatize the process? And if so, where would I procure something that does that / instructions to do so?

Thank you very much.
Actually, I think there are a whole bunch of switches that you can use in conjunction with the standard setup.exe that go a long way to achieving this. Type setup /? and see what this gives you...
Thanks, I'll try that soon.

I also wanted it to install drivers not located on the Win98 cab files, i.e. my ethernet, my sound card, my video card... actually, everything in my PC.
If I just copied the drivers into Windows98, would that be good enough?
im guessing your using this for when you have to reinstall windows

if so, id suggest you get it setup as a basic system (all drivers and such installed) then use norton ghost or similar to copy the whole drive to a restorable image

that would only work well on the pc that originally was used for the setup procedure though