WinXP Pro DC Server

I know you can use Win2k and Win98/ME to make a dial up server that allows your Dreamcast to run off of a broadband connection. Since I am now on Windows XP, I was wondering if there was a way I could do the same thing using that.

Anyone have any ideas?
Quote: from eatpenguin on 2:38 am on Jan. 6, 2002

everything that runs on 2k runs on xp

No. WinRoute (vital for this setup) does not work in XP.

You'll have to wait for an update or find a substitute to WinRoute.
if you are connecting your dreamcast to your PC through the Dreamcast's standard dial-up modem, even though it is on your broadband connection you will still be playing games as if you just connected the Dreamcast straight to a phone line....
but you wont have to pay for a dial-up isp in addition to the broadband connection. paying for dial-up just for playing dreamcast sounds really lame thing to do.
Just buy a #### router and a bba and hook it up that way.

Routers are cheap as shit and you can get BBA's at a reasonable price now.
I appreciate all of you people who use "Buy this"

as a suggestion. I assume you are trying to be helpful and all, but REALITY is that the BBA's REASONABLE price is over 100 dollars US (that's like over $195 Canadian... where I live) even though, Cynnamin your colourful use of adjectives and similes almost turned me to buy the BBA.

And ZZiggy00, yeah I'm aware that it only connects you at phone speed (33.6k in fact) but that's all you need to play on DC anyway. Plus, it wouldn't take up my phone line, and I would essentially have unlimited hours.

Thanks for everyone's help. I've actually found somewhat of a guide here:

hope this helps anyone whos having troubles like me!