WMV Player

I hate Windows Media Player for so many reasons. Now it doesn't want to play WMV files. I get an error and it closes before it plays. Anyone know of good player or converter for WMV files? I've tried reinstalling Media Player but it still doesn't work. Thanks.
Whats the error that it gave you? I believe I had a similar problem which prompted me to reinstall windows.
As stupid as this might sound, it works now. I tried any number of things and I still couldn't open the file (not corrupted). Right after I posted this I tried opening it again and presto! It worked. It's been working ever since. Couldn't tell you why it stopped working in the first place or why it started working again. Thanks for the suggestions though, I'll keep 'em in mind when it decides to start crashing again.
Ok we dont need to know more or WHAT your playing..

Get the DivX plugins and program. Install it and your troubles will go away....
If you read what he said, he was usinig WMV, that's a video format, installing divx will do nothing but allow videos encoded with the divx codec to play on your video players.