Wonderboy in Monster World...

Pearl Jammzz

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hmmm, I have no idea in hell to hit the last boss in this game. The one where u are up in space, he shoots little electity balls or sumthin at ya.....Anywas, anyone know how to beat this guy?
I found it easiest to get hit until the prince of darkness destroies the cannon, to just hit him untill the helmet disapears. then equip lightning(or is it thunder) and sheild. When the laser guns comeout use lightning(or thunder) and destroy them and keep hitting him with the sheild on, to protect you from the saw. I also recomend that you fill up the heats to max. Keep an elixar and the best potion with you and refill only when you health is at the lowest possible.
Thanks Skater, I beat this game like a week, week and a half ago. All I have to say is that the ending sux...the game kicked ass but there is NO incentive to beat it....pisses me off.