Aaah. Geek love

Let us know the outcome
Aaahhh... great and painful love...

I`m trying to engage with a girl but I don`t have luck on love stories

Go on, pal, and success where others have fall...
Not to rub your nose in it but I have the greatest luck of anyone when it comes to girls.

Once I wrote a letter addressed to the place where this waitress worked hoping it would get to her and risked looking like a right lunatic. We ended up seeing each other for about a year and she's still one of my best friends.

But wait, it gets better!

A week or two after that ended, I was woken up by a text message not intended for my phone and for decided to write an abusive reply since it got me out of bed. Then had a text message conversation for about a month with this girl.. That was nearly two years ago, and she's still my lovely lady now

Pity relationships cause so much confusion in my brain.. I'd be the luckiest person ever if they didn't.
Things have been moving rather slow for me lately, hmmm... perhaps If I could pull myself away from lunar for a few hours and actually go out.... LOL
I see Random trying to get on Myst's good side with his comments. Perhaps Lunar IS your way to the ladies?

Originally posted by Random Hajile@June 10 2002,18:55


No, actually I have much better ways to woo the ladies than lunar...

just make sure there are no authority figures around when you open your trenchcoat,