I just traded my broken Playstation with some games for a GBA and a Light for it at EB! Woot!
What? You ban him for this and not for that?
Now, just a question. Why does it matter if his post count is so high or not? It doesn't mean he's gonna take over the site or anything right? No offense to anyone who has a high post count, but it doesn't change how much you know on the forum right? There's still a signup date in their profile. You know what you know, its not determined by a post count.
He was not banned because of his post count, he was banned for mindlessly spamming the boards, he was warned once to tone it down but he didn't listen.
Babies who at the very least know how to spell.

"Space Between our Lifes and Laughter"

Lifes isn't a word smart guy.

Come to think of it Babys isn't a word either.
Stop the violence, damn it! Ya know....Personally, I'd really hate to be in any of the administrators shoes right now because they seem to be getting a lot of shit. I can understand how they'd be a bit pissed off. Right now, it seems like some sort of showdown for power....But....what makes anyone think they'll win since they themselves are not an administrator and really have no say about this site nor how it is run.

This entire "war" seems like something you'd see on those cheap ass "professional" wrestling shows.

"You're suspended!"

"Oh, yeah, well, eat shit! I quit!"

"OK, you're forgiven...."

"I'm forgiven!? You're the one who needs to be begging for forgiveness!"

"Screw you! You're never getting your job back!"

"I don't need my job back because I've got your daughter!"

"I've already had my daughter!"

"Oh, yeah, well, I got your son, too!"

"Well, I had my son in the...."

Yeah, I'm just going to stop there because this is getting sick and obnoxious, at that. This just all seems so trite to me, but of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.
Oh, this is why he's banned. Seems like overkill to me to ban someone over something like this. What you need is the ability to temporarily suspend users who are misbehaving. It would be a bit more constructive.
Damn this guy did some damage to the forums, look at you guys arguing' with each other, the guy was lame as hell. And on top of that announcing how he screwed over a videogame store to show how fantastic he was deserves a ban...

I say good riddance!