Worms Armegeddon for DC


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I'll sell or trade it cheap

it has some scratches on the disk and the BG music skips some (which you can turn off)

good game though and it's got all the packaging

My first DC game.... sigh.....
Hey, I love worms and i love worms on Dreamcast. I don't really have any money, but what kind of stuff are you looking for? PC games maybe? Do you have a playstation, cause i would trade you a playstation game. I never play em. I dont' even play metal gear solid, for some strange reason i just cant get into that series. But its still good.
none of my home PCs are worthy of gaming, so that's kinda out

don't have a PSX either

but if you have DC, Saturn, Genesis, Gameboy, or GBA games lemme know
i have some genesis games, actually, i have only 2. Coolspot goes to hollywood and Double dragons (poor fighting game). I don't think you would trade for those. How about those to plus NBA jam and NFL quarterback club for gamboy! thats 4 games.. not very good ones but 4. Oh well, if you would want those just let me know. If not just say.... no... to drugs.
Please tell me you are kidding that Spot goes to hollywood is a genesis (mega drive) game
I have it on Sega Saturn and it's like one of my best lookin' games
Funny to think it's mega drive graphics, lol
I have so-o-ome parts. Like sd ram or ethernet card. Is that worth anything? I think the sd ram has 64 mb. Theres 2 of them. And 2 others that i think have less. Like 32 or something.