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Come on people - you know you love the Worms party madness! Admit it!
I remember many a day playing the original Worms at my friend's house back in gradeschool. And when Worms 2 came out, it was like the biggest thing. The most people I've ever played with was 4. I remember staying up late at night at the same friend's house trying to figure out how many ways we could beat eachother using abstract moves like "prod" and "kamikaze."
First Worms game I played was Worms on Saturn. Didn't care for it much. When I saw Worms World Party for Dreamcast had online play I decided to try it out, still a bit skeptical about the game but it was cheap so I bought it. Later that night was one of the most hilarious ever. :cheers
I loved the first, and then when the 2nd came out, it was a joy to play on the PC...after this i dont' really feel anything new happened that was ground breaking in the installments.

what was the genesis version mentioned in the news post?? never knew it was on the genesis.
this is a coo game seems to take insperation from an old dos game called tank wars.

If anybody knows this game let me know (just curious if anyone else has played it)

Originally posted by Bub@May 19, 2003 @ 03:23 AM

this is a coo game seems to take insperation from an old dos game called tank wars.

If anybody knows this game let me know (just curious if anyone else has played it)


Tank wars owns, I loved that game so much way back when....

First time I ever played worms was on my friends saturn and I've been hooked since. Weapon of choice.......dynamite, especially when you drop it off a ledge straight onto their head
It is possible the Genesis Worms was an unofficial hack - I've only seen it in ROM form. To be honest it wasn't great.

I think dynamite was my favourite weapon too - it was fun listening to the little wormy "No!" as you blew a trooper across the screen.

Saturn Worms is one of the most faithful PC conversions I've seen for a console.
Nope, the Genesis Version is a real release. I've got the European Version right here. However I rembember it being tested in all the Game Mags here in Germany, but then the release was delayed for about 7 or 8 months. That really sucks, if you've preordered it

If anyone wants pics for proof, I'll provide em.

IMHO Worms 1 ruled. I played it constantly every day for about a year with my brother. I especially liked the fact that you could generate landscapes by typing words and numbers. Some really cool landscapes were created when typing "saskia" or "arschkeks"

Worms 2 had some fun ideas I have to admit, but I really couldn't cope with all these friggin weapons. Too many designs, too little difference in effects. Things like the carpet bomb or the concrete donkey were fun, but what about stuff like the handaxe or the flamethrower. Also I coldn't really connect with the cutesypootsey worms from W2 on. The pile of pixels were my favorite.

I'm still hooked on part one, although the online feature in WWP is pretty fun. I think I'm a worms purist all the way, hence I loved the first part on the Amiga, where the mines had the same color as the landscape. It was always fun, seeing your mate run into a mine, you already spotted

Oh, and don't forget: The annoying "uh-oh" that you get, when ICQ received a message was sampled from Worms1.
My wife and I used to play Worms Armegeddon ALL the time on my laptop when we were dating.

It was awesome.

My roommates and neighbors used to have huge deathmatches too.

The game can be so fun.

I wasn't much for the DC versions though.

It really limits your options. Like you can't customize your weapon selection and such.

Unless I'm missing something.

Can somebody fill me in maybe?