Would it be possible to port characters from VF2/Fighting Vipers/Last Bronx to Fighters Megamix

I am just wondering if in theory it would be possible to port characters from VF2/Fighting Vipers/Last Bronx to Fighters Megamix (or vice versa). It would be really cool to see all the characters in one game.
Maybe I was a bit mistaken regarding VF2 but pepsiman for example is missing as well as Sonic and Tails from Fighting Vipers. Also I don't think there are any Last Bronx characters.
There are no Last Bronx characters in Fighters Megamix. It has all of Virtua Fighter 2’s characters, though.

Furthermore, Sonic and Tails are not in the Saturn version of Fighting Vipers — unless they’re hidden in the code like they are in the arcade game and just haven’t been found yet.

Characters in Fighting Vipers that aren’t in Fighters Megamix, aside from Pepsiman, include the schoolgirl and Hawaiian variants of Honey, which the game does consider to be separate characters from regular Honey. The FV version of Mahler is different from the FM version of Mahler, too, although to be fair, the FM version is more unique to give B.M. his own identity.

It definitely would be nice to get Pepsiman, Schoolgirl Honey and Hawaiian Honey into Fighters Megamix. I can’t imagine it would be simple to find their associated graphics, animation data and command lists in FV’s code, though, let alone insert it into FM and somehow hook them into the rest of the game.

And I imagine it would be nigh impossible to bring over Last Bronx characters because that game was made by a completely different team than Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers and Fighters Megamix.
To me this reads like "can I copy Wolverine from Xmen vs SF into SFZero 3?"

Its probably possible to put Pepsiman back into Fighting Vipers, especially if he's just NULLed out but the rest seems very very very unlikely.
I never said "can I directly copy", I asked if it would be possible in theory to port characters over. I don't think it's that crazy a question when I can think of countless examples where this has already been done: Smash Remix, Brawl Plus/Project M, Marvel VS Capcom 3: Clone Engine, to name a few.

Obviously the Saturn fanbase is really niche so the man hours it would require to reverse engineer the game/assets would be challenging but I was more curious if something like that has even ever been attempted.
I never said you did, its called an idiom.

It is possible but improbable and for the reasons you stated. I'd love some sort of Fighting Vipers Remix but Im 99.99% sure the few people who could do it don't want that kind of time sink. If you start poking around and show some progress maybe you could convince someone to help, it how I got help when I started translating fp6ms for Saturn.
Small update, I took a QUICK look and even moving Pepsiman from the NTSC/J version to the NTSC/U version looks like a giant pain. There are 51 files in the Japanese version (not including the awesome readme.doc seen here: Fighting Vipers (Sega Saturn) - The Cutting Room Floor ) that arent in the NA release and 34 of the files that are in both versions are different.

I believe it would likely be easier to change what little Japanese there is to English to get Pepsiman