WOW!!! this whole damn message board....


you could always just ignore me instead of critisizing
Dude, you need to calm down. Just because you didn't get a reply to your question in 10 hours, doesn't mean you need to post threads like this.

Thirty seconds of searching (using the helpfully titled "search" button) revealed this thread.

Politeness will get you a hell of a lot further in life...
i was polite and i read a whole shit load went frow newb to having enough knowledge to install a mod board blind folded.
but read alot of posts and make witty but polite posts and you will get really far in this community.
i don't like compaq either

and even though i love my sister

when she calls me up to tell me that her computer's s....l.........o...........w.......

the only thing i can do is tell her "you bought a compaq and you use msn for an isp, that's what you get"

and really strugle to keep from laughing
i also hate compaq and some of their computers are really REALLY un-upgradable (good thing i have small hands and fingers and phillips screwdrivers and alcohol