WTB : Modded PSOne

Like the topic says, I want a modded PSOne, not an older model psx. I'm just dying to play my arc the lad collection, but my ps2 refuses to let me save the games, it just freezes up. I'm willing to pay or work out some sort of trade if anyone wants to get get rid of one.
if u have thee burned copies of the game.....it will always do that no matter what. I have tried it on PSOne, PSX, and PS2....all do the same thing if it's a backup, luckily I have the origionals :)

BTW, Excellent game, a must have if u like RPG's and own a PS console.
Well, I posted on a few other boards about it, and asked a few people.. and it seemed that everyone was saying it only freezes up if your swap booting it with a gameshark, which I figured I could get around with a modded system. I already ordered two MM3 psx chips for 10 bucks.. so if it doesnt work, not too big of a loss..

I just finished arc the lad twilight of the spirits and now i just want to play through the previous 3, its driving me crazy not being able to start ! Maybe I should stop being a cheapass and just buy it.
i got a messiah 2 modded v7 system and it plays/saves the entire collection just fine and mine are all copies.