WTB: Saturn Stuff

My GF is big into video games and I am attempting to win me a saturn off of :devil fleabay :devil . She's all pro Nintendo and the saturn is my sega love so I want to introduce her to it.

I am looking for 2 light guns, mem card, vcd movie card(are these really jap saturn limited)?, 2 player games, mod chip :).
VCD Card was also released in Europe for PAL Saturn but it's much more rare. You can use the import cart to bypass JP VCD Card h/w region lockout though...

if it's for your GF get white JP Saturn as it looks rather nice... especially with white wireless control pad set and white JP backup memory cart.
I'd do the white saturn but the thing costs 4x as much as a normal model 2 black one.

Besides that its all about opening it up and giving it a flashy paint job to make it look nice.
I will pm you once I get a saturn mod 2. I was looking at your thread racket and your selling for an awesome price.

What are the two places that sell this stuff? Lik Sang and...