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WTB: Sony PSP w/1.5 Firmware

Discussion in 'Buy/Sell/Trade' started by Burning Angel, Nov 5, 2005.

  1. Burning Angel

    Burning Angel New Member

    Well guys, time for another annoyance from me...

    I am looking after a Sony PSP. Minty of course, with Firmware 1.5. And as for minty I mean:

    - Virtually no scratches

    - No dead pixels

    - No damage

    - No dicoloration

    - Etc.

    No need to be complete as long as it has the minimun Set-up (wires, console, etc), I don't need the movie, box, instruction manuals, etc, just what it takes to make it work.

    NO, I am not a cheapass so I am not offering $125 for a barebones, but just remember a BRAND NEW one goes for at least $200, so neither will I pay anything closer to that...


  2. kleath

    kleath New Member

    New 1.5 for ~200? :looney:

    Used Mint 1.5's dont lose much of the $250 retail value, esp since theres already checked for no dead pixels.
  3. Burning Angel

    Burning Angel New Member


    New PSP go for as low as that, I never said NEW PSP 1.5 mainly because it's very likely there are none nowadays.

    You don't get to read, do you? Should I modify my post and ask for glasses for you as well? :sarcasm:
  4. kleath

    kleath New Member

    Where do you get a PSP for $200? And 1.5 is the whole point anyways, 1.5 is more valuable

    Maybe I should get a brain for the scared crow :huh

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