WTD: Turbo Duo System Complete


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As the name says I would like a Turbo Duo system complete, lots of good games available for that system. I will pay any REASONABLE price. Email me with your offers.
wrong section bonehead!
yeah, you are a bonehead!! Dont post wanted stuff here Ratta....you should know better than that. :pPP silly hehe
No, your a bonehead, referring to your bonk avatar.

Anyways, do you have an extra one laying aroudn your house? you seem to have duplicates or triplicates of systems as I'm told.
hell yeah, Im the biggest bonehead there is, (BONK!) , I do normally have more than one system around, but unfortunately the duo I only have 1 left of, as Ive sold off most of my doubles and triples of systems, or traded them off....the only system Ive got a double left of is my PSX and that should be sold with Thrill Kill Final on ebay later on this month. sorry, If I had an extra one lying around I would sell it to ya.....dont forget our pals at www.tzd.com have them for only 200 bucks new in the box.