Xbox goes AMD?

Someone in Game Stop told me that in order to cut costs and to make the system faster, Microsoft is going to start using AMD chips in the Xbox instead of Intel! Is this at all true, the fact that it has an Intel cpu was the Only reason I was ever going to get one, someday....but now???
Interesting. Wasn't the reason why Microsoft went with Intel was to cut costs while making the system faster (AMD 600 Mhz vs Intel 733 MHz)?
I very much doubt that MS will alter the Xbox in such a fundamental way at this late stage. The whole unit is bound to be tied to the Intel design so that changing the chip will require more changes across the board.

You might see AMD chips in the Xbox 2 though...
Not to mention some compatibility problems, you know, are the amd & intel sse's compatible by just changing hardware/driver/library and not the software? Or doesn't the xbox use that?
hehe, doubtful, VERY doubtful. I think that M$ has an agreement w/ Intel, plus the compatibility issues. I seriously doubt it would work.....
I really doubt this is true. There are just too many issues at stake. I think it would not be wise and it will probably end up costing Microsucks in the end.

Though, I can see AMD chips in the xbox 2. As someone already said, the xbox is already late in that stage.
Uhh, dude.... "The XBox CPU" is a plain-Jane Pentium-III processor... precisely what extras is it supposed to have?
The reason that Microsoft went with Intel instead of AMD was because AMD does not have an assembly line big enough to supply Microsoft and then make their regular processor, so this would have held back AMD in the long run.

Microsoft will not move to AMD, this will be just stpuid and cost them more because they will have to redesign the xbox motherboard for an AMD process since you all know that Intel and AMD motherboard are not compatable with each other in anyway' what about their dev libraries which are customised for the intel processor?

Don't believe everything you hear especially from stupid game store such as the one mentioned employee are always aruging some sh!t
well for xbox 2 i could see an amd processor since it would prolly use the inbetween 1ghz to 2ghz range and the p4's in there just suck massive elephant dick, or ms could do something interesting and invest in a custom built cpu thats better built to handle the stuff a console does(lower heat dissipation, less power consumption) instead of just having a highly customed pc.

oh and does this mean since the p3 is just plain jane p3 that you could swap in a faster model so it would run a bit faster and cooler. nothing like having a house thats inside temp is around 36'c to make you fiddle with slowing down the cpu to keep it from frying itself.
also i realize the clockspeed might be locked to 733 but a processor thats designed to run faster would give it some performance boost. learned this when i had to fix an acer and i popped in a 166 in place of the 133 and the stupid thing was locked to 133 but the performance went up. maybe its just that its the core is better designed so the electrical impulses fly around better.
i havent kept up with the news on this but last i read m$ was looking to change the graphics chip to cut cost and were looking into making a deal with some company (forgot who) that would cut 4$ off the xbox manufacturing cost