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Yo! I'm having a tough time deciding over either GC or Xbox, that I hope to get in a couple months.



Square support


DVD Playback

Dead or Alive games

Massive Sega Support (Shenmue 2, CT3, etc.)

But anyway, that not my concern at the moment. You know how on PS2, if you watch a DVD movie thorugh the A/V cables, and those are going through the VCR, things are all distorted and such. This is due to Macrovision right? Well... does Xbox have this as well? If so, is there an RFU Adapter for Xbox I can use to watch DVDs?
For $30-$40 dollars you can buy an RF modulator at radio shack (or even places like wal-mart sell them i believe) hook your xbox into it then the RF modulator into your VCR/TV.

Also know that in order to watch DVD's on the Xbox you need the damn remote control