XENOCIDER For Dreamcast

As you know, PAL Edition has been sold out for some time. Last few copies of the Steelbook Edition available now:

So just as a reminder, as we've been receiving some inquiries about this, we won't be using cheap tin boxes containing a regular DVD case (or disc sleeves or anything like that), but proper quality Steelbook, double-disc cases like the ones in this pic we shared some months ago.

Also, for those who didn't read our last update:

Although we could have kept the original (late June) release date, we’d rather polish and beta-test everything a thousand times and make sure it works flawlessly than rush the release just to meet the deadline. And that’s what we’re planning to do. We are now aiming for a Fall release.

After a great weekend at RetroEuskal where we presented out latest beta (full report coming to out blog), here you have a new audio teaser for the volcanic wolrd of Kvika: a dark, suffocating hell infested with magma beasts.
Can you guess what Juanjo's influences were when creating the music for this stage?

By the way, there are now only 4 copies of Xenocider Steelbook Edition left!

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Awesome. Thanks for the update.

The YT interview was good. Though, I always need to flip a switch in order to vibe with the accent from Spain :)
The volcanic Caves of Kvika are here! Check out the 10th episode of our Dev Diaries, where we reveal all the little tributes Xenocider pays to Sega classics! From Sonic to Shinobi to Streets of Rage!


The YT interview was good. Though, I always need to flip a switch in order to vibe with the accent from Spain :)

That sounds almost like poetry ;) You don't like our accent? Also, what accent is that? :p
Our latest beta is playable right now at Gamescom thanks to Retrospiel, so Xenocider is sharing their booth with the likes of Antarex by 1985alternativo, Tanglewood, Alice Dreams Tournament, Saber Rider and more
We've been quiet for too long here (not on our social media profiles), but we'd like to share this preview article by Tom Charnock at The Dreamcask Junkyard after he played the 4th beta

Preview: Xenocider

Also, could we get this thread moved to the specific Dreamcast subforum, please? :/
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A few videos for your viewing pleasure :)

Now, if someone could please edit the thread title so it doesn't refer to a failed KS campain, I would really appreciate it... :D
First things first. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t done so already!

Last week we broke into The Dreamcast Junkyard‘s Twitch channel to answer some questions while they were playing Xenocider live for the first time. You can check it out here:

Retro Faith played for 3 hours straight last Thursday, tried to unlock all the unlockables and seemed to enjoy the game quite a bit too ;)

Xenocider is “probably the most ambitious game for the Dreamcast in two decades”. Adam Koralik unboxes his Regular and Special edition copies, comments on some details about the game and gives the first few stages a try:

Xenocider is available in both Regular and Special editon Products – Retro Sumus


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well, normally i'll buy it, just need 5 minutes of free time.
great job the retro sumus team !
Retro Faith interviews us while playing Xenocider (starting min 36):

Graham from Mega Visions / Sega Nerds plays Xenocider for the first time, so we break in by surprise to give him some tips :)