XENOCIDER For Dreamcast

Hello everyone. It's been a while!

I thought it would be nice to find this old thread and finally give it an update. After Xenocider reached the 5th place of The Dreamcast Junkyard's Top 25 Dreamcast indie games, we received a few inquiries about where our game can be acquired... so here's a useful bunch of links for those of you still interested.

:arrow: Xenocider Digital Edition is available from our store and includes an image file of the game (in a variety of formats) that you can burn to a disc, play on GDemu and whatnot.
A Deluxe Digital Edition is also available, featuring the game booklet and complete OST.

:cool: Now, if you'd like to own a copy of a brand new edition with ridiculously cool looking cover art, our friends at VideoGamesNewYork got you covered. Go give their store a look while you're at it!

:D Collectors interested in finding a copy of our original physical run can still get their hands on it here, and here for the Special Edition, courtesy of DragonBox Shop.

:eek: Physical copies of both editions are also available at PixelHeart. Naturally. Standard edition here, Special Edition here (only a few left in stock, apparently).

:confused: So, as we like to remind followers and collectors on our social media profiles from time to time, please don't buy overpriced copies from Ebay resellers, or unauthorised Aliexpress bootlegs. There's simply no need. We offer an easy, legal way to download our game. Support indie devs and legit stores when you can. Xenocider is still on sale, out there.

Thanks everyone! :D

BTW, we're working on our next project which, if things go well, will be multi-Sega-platform, ahem :)