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Discussion in 'News' started by vbt, May 9, 2016.

  1. mrkotfw

    mrkotfw New Member

    This looks amazing.

    I don't remember if I asked or not, but is KallistiOS being used?
  2. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

    Just in case you guys are a bit lazy to check out the link, here's the video anyway :p

    Read the whole story here :)

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    Yup. A slightly customized version actually.
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  3. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

    We just came back to our homes after reuniting in Madrid for an intensive work weekend, mainly focused on turning Xenocider on a more complete, playable (and re-playable) experience. We all live in different cities, so we keep each other updated via Skype or Hangouts and do regular video-meetings when we are done with our jobs, which usually means quite late at night. But once in a while, meeting and testing things in person is worth the trip...

    Lots of updates, learn more here!

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  4. mrkotfw

    mrkotfw New Member

    That's great to hear that very little modifications are needed for KallistiOS.

    Everything looks great, even better that I see you guys using Blender too.
  5. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

    Only 10 copies of the PAL edition and 18 copies of the steelbook edition are still available. So we figured we might as well start doing some tests...
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    Every 3D model in Xenocider is created with Blender, yes :)
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  6. mrkotfw

    mrkotfw New Member

    I'm happy to see that you guys are making some serious progress!

    Once lighting comes in, it's going to look amazing.
  7. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

    PAL edition is sold out!

    Only 15 units of the Steelbook edition are still available!


    Thank you! :)
  8. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

    A really nice bonus item will be included with ALL pre-orders (and exclusively with pre-orders). Announcement coming soon ;) Once the game is released and shipped, no more pre-order exclusive goodies!

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  9. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

  10. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

  11. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

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  12. hombreimaginario

    hombreimaginario New Member

    Lead programmer Chui shows off his skills playing the hardest Xenocider level he's coded so far. Reflexes and memorization are everything when you're trying to make it through the Transistor Highway. This is 100% real Dreamcast hardware!

    Pre-order Xenocider today: http://retrosumus.com/shop

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