X'eye Power Adapter

Hi everyone....I haven't posted here in ages but I have quick question.

I bought an X'eye on ebay for a really good price. Unfortunately, there was no ac adapter that came with the X'eye. I thought I could use the Sega Genesis power adapter but it was too big. Is there an alternative power adapter (maybe radio shack) that would have something that would work as a replacement power adapter for the X'eye? Or if anyone has an X'eye power adapter they could sell me (although rare) possibly?


Hey thanks for the reply. I found out its 9.5v. I went to radio shack and I bought a multi-voltage adapter with the ability to interchange the plug size. It used a "C" size and it fit. Unfortunately, it cost me almost as much money I got for my X'eye (24 bucks). If you have one for sale for cheaper than that, I will consider it.

Thank God that Radio shack accepts returns even if open before 30 days.


buy one that meets your Xeye needs without the variable stuff. that should run about $10-12. you should be able to get the sizing specs from the one you returned.
Mo threat,

Thanks...I think i am going to return the ac adpater and get one that fits my x'eye w/o the multi-voltage. Also, I've noticed that when I play sega cd games or cd audio it skips a lot (audio I mean...video is good). Is that a problem due to the adapter since its short .5v? I am hoping that's the only reason why that is and not a cd lens problem....which I doubt since the video runs fine.


Does it skip on all audio [e.g. have you tried a music cd] or just in burned games? The SegaCD is picky about media, so if only burned games skip... try another brand of CDR [or maybe even burning a little slower]. In theory, if the FMV doesn't skip the lens should be fine. I'm not 100% sure of that though.

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mo threat,

I played audio cds and it only skips on audio not video. I played non burned audio cds and it skips like crazy for some reason. On my sega cd burns it plays FMV well but audio kinda gives out and then comes back and then gives out every 20 secs around.

Just wondering what your thought on this was.

####, it sounds bad. I have no idea what that could be. Since the FMV plays OK your laser is probably good, but the audio problem is a mystery.

Good luck man.
Don't worry Kyosuke75, I put a 9.5V adapter through my X'Eye one time and it did the same thing. The audio cut in and out and was hard to hear when you could hear it. The 10V clears it right up. I don't have an extra one though. Sorry.

THANKS!!! You are the best! Man...I couldn't believe that's the reason why it wasn't working properly. It was a perfectly nice x'eye too...geesh. I was wondering why I was having problems with it.

I got it for 18 bucks and I was hoping i wasn't getting ripped..hehehe thanks!


PS: Do you know where there's documentation for X'eye? like online manual or what not? Thanks
I'm sorry Kyosuke, I think I told you wrong. When I put a 10V through my X'Eye is when the sound goes bad. The original JVC adapter is 9.5V and it corrects the audio. I'm sorry I steered you wrong on that. If you want, I can scan the back of my JVC adapter so you'll know exactly what specs you need.


Whoops! :)

Nevertheless, I think you found his issue - the AC is off a bit. The proper specs from your Xeye adapter might very well solve his problem.

Yeah, that would be great if I could get scan of the back of the adapter. Can you email it to me at:



I tried radio shack but they don't sell 9.5v adapters onlly 9v. I have an adapter that goes up to 12v but i'm sure that would make it worse too. If you know a place that sells 9.5v adapters let me know thanks.

a 0.5 or even 1 V difference should not make a system skip.. make sure the amperage is high enough, tho. you can find that on the PSU too, it's listed in A or mA. you need to have at least as much, more doesn't damage anything, it just shouldn't be less.
Where's my head? I shoulda remembered that. Anyways, yeah, what he said. ;)

Most AC adapters put out more than the stated voltage. I've had some 9volters that kicked out close to 12v. Just like a car battery is called 12v but actually puts out more like 13.7v. If the X is anything like the Genny1 and SegaCD1 or 2 the rating is pretty high - 10v 1.2a.

I had a DSL box that needed a 9v. I tried everyone I had with no sucess until I chopped one of extra Genny adapters and reversed the poles. The #### power light would barely even light with the 300ma ones I tried. It really needed them there extreee amps. The 1.2a light that bad boy up like a mofo.
I set the ac adapter to 12v but its still doing the audio skip slightly just not as bad as it did before. The adpater is:

Radio Shack


300mA power adapter

If anyone knows any additional info on the x'eye adapter or power needs let me know thanks!

that's WAY too low. you will need at least 850 mA, or possibly even 1.2A. it's a wonder the PSU didn't burn out yet.
Also don't put the voltage up higher that 10v. it's better to have it lower that 10 than higher. You will increase the risk of over heating and damaging something important running it at 12v.

You really need someone to make you a custom supply - with the correct know-how it is easy to step down a 12volt supply to a 10v supply.
Hey thanks for the advice. Seems hard to find an adapter for this sucker. I will return the multi adapter and see if my friend can build me one. He is the eletrical engineering genius around here.

So basically I'm looking for anything higher than 850 mA and 9.5v-10v.

Is there any place other than radio shack that has a steady supply of these kind of adapters?

Thanks for the advice though, I think this is the most helpful board around.