Just wondering, but has anybody actually ordered from this site? I'd like to know since this place seems to be selling SO much stuff that's cheap, but I'm thinking that it all might be a scam or something.


不提及, 那些價格是為大塊製造業,

不適用於正常顧客。 我認為他們勸阻唯一採購員和只想要供應商。

Manufacturing only 唯一, 您瞭解嗎?。
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What? :confused
i feel special with my asain fonts all nice and installed
but what the hell did FeiLong say?
I don't know, as Babelfish is being less than useful.

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I'm guessing that Xinga is a manufacturer/wholesaler, rather than a retailer.
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I'm guessing that Xinga is a manufacturer/wholesaler, rather than a retailer.

Yeah, Xinga is a wholesale company in China. But from what I can tell, they do sell to anyone.
Correct Mal! He means to say they are a manufacture/wholesaler for larger scale companies. While technically they can sell to anyone, they probably won’t give a rats ass if you’re trying to order a 1 piece unit from them. Let alone from a far away country. If your not in big business, think of all the money and time and fraud they might have. Not to mention the setup time and lead production time alone which would be needed just to manufacture your 1 piece unit. If anything they'd only send a single unit as a sample product if your a reputable registered company.