Xmas 2015 - Rayman Prototype


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a bit late it was for Christmas:blush:
thanks to Satakore.com, Madroms & D$wizz Taylor
here is a Rayman proto

Christmas time! Is there any gift for you ? Hmm, let see what we could find. Oh, D$wizz Taylor just sent us something that we could share with you: a Sega Saturn Rayman Prototype! Interested ? Ok, so read more.

This prototype was made on 1995/07/20 when the final game was made on 1995/09/15 (for all regions) [and so it's the 20th anniversary of Rayman this year!], so it was made about 2 months earlier. It's great, more chance to find differences.

It has one more audio track: track #23.

It does not have video files (.cpk) when final games have some.

It has a different opening. It uses fixed pictures with music and text from track #23 to narrate the Rayman story.

About 200-250 files are different between this prototype and any of the released final games (JPN, USA and EUR), so maybe a lot of in-game differences.

The best of all, it has cheat codes enabled!: more lives, more continues, goes to next level, all the levels and worlds unlocked, all the powers. List of cheat codes are available as an image file inside the .rar next to the bin/cue files. Cheat codes could be enabled by pausing the game (inside a level): press Start to pause the game, enter one cheat code (U for Up, D for Down,...) then unpause the game.

Thanks again to D$wizz Taylor that bought and dump this prototype. Without him, you will not get this great Xmas 2015 present!

Source & download : http://www.satakore.com/news204,,Xmas-2015-Rayman-Prototype.html