Yo Mo!


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you said that you had to patch PDS in order for it to work with the PAR+ 4MB cart? what did you do? how did you do it?
Whywould you want it to work with the 4mb cart? Is it to play the Jap version, or are you trying to find ways to improve frame rate?
I've got the EUR version. PDS won't work with an AR cart.

Cloud - You've misunderstood, I changed the region. PDS is the only game where I had to do it [I don't like fooling with ISOs, I like them unaltered]. There is no patch to make it work with an AR cart.
same here, mo

i use a euro version, but coz it was converted from jap, it would be an idea to put in a 60hz switch (for some models (maybe all?) you can do a 60hz (NTSC) switch without doing the country mod)