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Hey VBT,

Can you put all the contest entries onto one CD? It would make everyone's life easier as they would have to only burn one cd.


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There is no problem to make the ISO but I need someone to make the BG picture :) I've made some tries but I'm not an artist.

Format :



256 Colors


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I've made that, please make something better :)



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Is there any way we can use more then 256 colors? I found an awesome picture to use, but it looks like crap when you reduce the color.

Here's a nice background (you only need to convert it to pcx) I found from an old dev thread from Takashi:


I think the best one is to use your style with this background, and bold white text:


From Mr Saturn's webpage.


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Heya VBT i got something for you, go to http://dev.paradogs.com and download the fonts.zip -- it comes with 300 fonts, maybe that will help spice your background up and BTW Thank you for remembering the name "EL PIRATERO" :cheers :cool:
Just an idea :

Each coder could give a screenshot or whatever pict he wants for his game, that would be shrinked in order to fit in the presentation pict.

And a suggestion :

We should put the programs names instead of the coders name, for ease of use.
Just my little test.

Hey VBT, how works this Loader? It have a preview picture for all the programs?


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Hello All,

im new here, did not even know this site was around, nor did i know how much

good satuRn support there still is! truly craZy! anyway i think i might be of some

assistants, yes u could say im a artist, but not for a living.

i have some quick questions before i can start to design:

1) what is this background for?

2) what text needs to be on it, if any?

3) is this going to be used for a BootScreen or Background pic?

4) just how many backgrounds r u after?

5) what type of theme r u after?

6) when do u need it by?

i hope to be of some help,



daniel & vbt : I like sonik's background. The menu could then just be writen using some slPrints.

Whatever you decide, if you need a picture of my game, it's here .
flex : if you want to help with graphics, there are at least three game projects in progress in here; you could do some sprite design, some title screens, etc.
Hi, all developers for the contest.

Could each of you post a screenshot or a picture of your work here in order to complete the picture so vbt can finaly burn the cd ?



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I won't be able to take a screenshot untill the end of this weekend.

If you need one before, you'll have to make one on your own with an emulator(please make a shot of a 2 player demo).

Please note that the contest page still has got the old version of MineSweeper,

although the new version is out since sunday and Daniel had been informed.

Get the newest version: Rockin'-B news

Any update will be mentioned there, of course.


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Please note that the contest page still has got the old version of MineSweeper,

although the new version is out since sunday and Daniel had been informed.
It should be updated. I fixed it a couple of days ago. The filename is the same though, that might cause confusion.

Also, you won´t need to wait for a picture from my entry, since it won´t work. The polygon-displayer screewed up toatally. I couldn´t do it. As of now, im learning asm, so next time perhaps...


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here's my screenshot of MineSweeper that I took with the TV Card in my PC.


I'm already working on implementing ideas that I discarded due to lack of time. But I will not send an updated version for the contest due to 2 reasons:

- it would not be fair to the others and

- I like major updates

So let's hope for the voting.... :(

The Rockin'-B