Your geny collection...

now dont get carried away here a post a massively huge list of genesis/megadrive games as i'm sure most ppl (including myself) have quite a substantial collection.

what i'm interested in is what are your most prized games?

e.g the rarest / favourite/ most valuable etc etc

and also what is that one game, if you could magically have a mint condition copy out of thin air. what game would you pic?

The most prized of my collection are:

Shining In The Darkness

Megaman: The Wily Wars


Warriors Of The Eternal Sun (even though i reckon the game sucks)


the first 3 are in absolutley beautiful condition (i wont say mint cuz generally i'd say mint means sealed)

the last 2 are sadly missing the manuals

i would most like to own a mint copy of: Sonic & Knuckles

i'm a big fan & collector of sonic. I have sonic & knuckles but its just the cart. I'd love to own any copy really that has the original cardboard packaging+manual. It would just make my collection that little more complete.

(by the way if anyone has a copy with the box they could part with... perhaps we could organise a trade? i'd throw in my cart-only copy with whatever you wanted in exchange)
ALL I can say is.,.. WOW... I wish I had a s ealed in the box genny... damn.

which system is it? i.e what ver and what game was packed in?

I've actually been cutting down my Genny collection, but my "prized pieces" are Sonic 1-3, Gunstar Heroes and Shining Force.
I don't exactly have anything rare... I'd say the "rarest" MD/Genny games I got are: Phantasy Star II, Phantasy Star III, Phantasy Star IV, and Michael Jackson's Moonwalker. All are loose with no box or instructions.
I guess my rarest genny item , hmmmmm would have to be ps2+3 wonderboy, I think thats it, not that great, but my collection is growing.... upto 150 games now.. woooooooooo hooooooooooooooo

Ayrton Senna's Super Monaco Grand Prix 2 (USA) very rare, Along with both Mutant League Football and Hockey and General Chaos.
I've been cutting down a lot too recently. Finally decided i cant keep all of the games accept the defining ones. I suppose the main ones im my collection are Shining Force 1, Shining Force 2 and Phantasy Star 4 are the main attractions of my collection, down from about 100 games to 30 or so. Got phantasy star 2 and 3 but no manuals.

All in all that aint too bad.
Phantasy Star II-IV Shining in the Darkness, Shining Force 1-2, Sword of Vermillion

All w/boxes and manuals, I mutilated PSIV's box and put it into a case. Who cares though, right? I'm never gonna sell it.
I gots...

Shining In The Darkness

Wonderboy in Monster World (great fukin game)

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (actually pretty fun)

then of course my model 1 genny )the one w/o protection) and my power base converter (for SMS games)