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    The frame rate in Saturn Doom gets horribly bad in the later levels. I still enjoyed it, but it should have been so much better. :(
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    Sonic Extreme Demo Sold!

    I'd like to have a look at it, though perhaps not actually pay money to do so. :P
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    Found a Lynx for 1$

    $1? Wow, what a bargain!
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    Xbox 360

    I'll be getting mine on launch day!
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    What's the crappiest Saturn game EVER?

    What's the crappiest Saturn game EVER? WWF In Your House was a joke. How could anyone, anywhere ever convince themselves that this could be considered as entertaining? It's dogshit sandals! >:E
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    Resident Beavis

    I feel 2 minutes older. :(
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    Exhumed / Power Slave for PC

    I bought it for £5 a few years ago and it was horrible. The Saturn version wipes the floor with it.
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    What to do about a certain spam e-mail??

    I get lots of Viagra offers too. Maybe in 40-50 years I'll need to take them up, but right now, I'm solid as a rock. {Not RIGHT NOW, but in general} :D
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    Bomb blasts in London

    When this stuff happens it always feels very surreal. At least it wasn't as bad as 9/11. :(
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    War of The Worlds.

    I get 10 free dvd rentals a week, so I often end up putting of going to the cinema with the knowledge I can see it for free in a few months. If it's something I've been waiting for then I'll just bite the bullet and spend the money at the cinema. It's getting more and more expensive though. >:E
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    just got a PS2, what games should I get?

    I liked GTA: VC a lot. But 'hardcore' people don't seem to rate it. O_o
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    time to brag a little!

    Goddamn, that was a steal.
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    Do old/retro games hold up well over time?

    I'd say sometimes. When I go back and play a game from 5-10 years ago I am often shocked at how it's not as good as I remembered. But there are always going to be all-time classics that age really well. E.g. Road Rash, Streets of Rage, Sega Rally.
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    Land of the Dead

    Can't wait for this, not sure when it's out in the UK. Fast zombies are rubbish! Resident Evil had a lot of potential, but alas Hollywood wanted to make it into an action movie. >:E Romero should've done it.
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    Whats your favorite online gaming shop?

    Ebay, Amazon and are the only places I buy games online. I used to like Yahoo UK Auctions, but that got taken down a few years ago.